The Ibiza Elite Concierge service personally guides you through the best of Ibiza, taking care of all your needs. We have years of Ibiza experience and our list of services is unlimited; no demand is too outlandish, complicated or even too small for our friendly, efficient team. We look forward to welcoming you back time and time again for more extraordinary times.

“Our gift is simple – take time to enjoy the very best of Ibiza. Without the hassle of organising it, you can concentrate on enjoying it.”


Steven Gerrard, Liverpool FC

For the last 8 years as ‘My Personal Concierge’ on the island, selling and buying properties and having the key to all the best of ibiza for me and my family.

Danny Rose, Tottenham Hotspur FC

Thank you Gary for your excellent services over the years! Looking forward to the years to come! Part of the family now.

Danielle Lloyd

Gary always gives the very best professional service.
I’ve used Gary for 5 years and he has become a great friend as well as always giving the best security.

Suraj, Lavish International N.V.

Have been using Ibiza Elite Concierge their services for over 6 years! It is the only concierge that we use when visiting Ibiza. Professionalism at its finest and the best service on the Island. Highly recommended.

Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool FC

Excellent service Gary thanks for all your help.

Sharon Gil, Barneys CoffeeShop

After a bad Ibiza experience years ago, Gary made me love the island all over again! His knowledge and our wishes made our trips unforgettable.

Stewart Downing, Middlesborough FC

Best in the business – first class service.

Justin Kluivert, A.S. Roma

Gary Diamond, the man on the island with access to the best villas, he can do everything you want – and that’s a fact!

Jonathan Woodgate, Middlesbrough FC

Great service –  the best on the island, nothing too big, nothing too small.

Jamie O'Hara

They organised my first trip to Ibiza 8 years ago – wouldn’t come to the island without using them, the best on the island by a mile.

Louise Tabbiner, Introsight Advisors, LLC UAE, USA

Gary has become my family! I can’t imagine navigating Ibiza without his help and support. Your entire experience changes when Gary is behind the wheel.

Saif Mansour, Breakwater Management, Los Angeles

Ibiza Elite Concierge is the epitome of excellence. To experience the absolute elite of Ibiza there is nothing more special than their end to end service.